What I’m (and I mean WE) going to teach you is how to make fast cash by outsourcing gigs on fiverr. This will be a short book since there are no fluff whatsoever. Everything I will teach you here will result in you getting more money.

Also, I’m going to give you the exact services types that are killing it right now! So you know exactly what market to target!

On the UPSELLING part, I’m also going to show you the services you can offer to make a minimum of $50 per client.



Craigslist → Get Hired → Outsource on Fiverr → Deliver Results → Get Paid I’ll explain this later.

Please note that this is not a long term tactic if you want to make passive income on the internet.

But if you are just starting out and just want quick cash, then this is for you.

So, are you ready? Let’s go learn how to make some fast cash.


Fiverr has stress free transaction process. You can literally outsource the work today then get the result the same day.

Also, upsells on Fiverr are really profitable. Yes, the upfront $5 doesn’t seem like a huge money – cause it’s not. But what will help you is the power of upselling services to customers which I’m gonna teach you later. Ready to make money?

Let’s start.

Here are the 5 fastest way to make fast cash outsourcing on fiverr.

1.) Logo

2.) Banner Ads

3.) Headers

4.) ebook covers

5.) Social Media Design Please note that these are just my own choices, you can definitely expand your job list when you start getting gigs.

If someone needs an ebook cover then we can find someone on craigslist that is looking for an ebook cover designer. People at craigslist are cheap but good enough for us to make a profit.

Let’s say they are paying for $40 for an ebook design. We will just hire someone from fiverr for $5-$20 to create the ebook cover. That’s a profit of $20 without really doing anything.



(Note: These services can easily be outsource to others)

1 – Writing non fiction books

This job requires a bit more work on the research part because a book is much much longer than an article. Also, the grammar errors (or the lack of it) of your book would be a huge selling point of your skills.

If you are good at research and can structure a whole idea and break it down into pieces then writing non-fiction ebooks is for you.

Also, I recommend that you stick to a topic that you already have background about. If you worked as a Financial Planner in the past then you could write something about saving and investing money. I usually stick with the topics that I have some interest with because I have a hard time writing something that I don’t fully understand.

If you’re good at research then there wouldn’t be any problems for you.

2 – Writing fiction books

If you are a creative one and you enjoy writing stories then this is perfect for you. There are tons of book right now being self-published by virtually unknown authors.

Two of the most famous genres today are ROMANCE and EROTICA.

With the rise of “50 Shades Of Grey”. A lot of writers/publishers are taking advantage of this trend and are writing and/or outsourcing their books to freelancers.

This is a golden opportunity for you because the demand right now is so high, readers especially teens just can’t get enough of these books.

Just take a look at and see how famous these books are, there are hundreds of new titles every day and the market is still not saturated.

You can still participate in this gold rush, it’s not yet over and I believe it will still last a good 3-4 years. Go get your share of that gold and start writing.

3 – Logo and ebook cover designer

With the rise of self publishers, writers and freelancers in general, the ebook cover and logo design continues to benefit. If you know how to edit book covers and create logos then this can be a very lucrative and profitable freelance job for you.

You can go to websites like 99designs and to sell your book covers.

If you want to make more money then I suggest you create your own website selling book cover design.

Here are some of my favorite book covers to get inspiration from:

4 – Resume Writer

This is one of the best ways to get started because you can easily research what makes a great resume and apply it. You can literally learn how to do this in less than an hour and make money the next day. You just have to be willing to do the work and ask for work!

People are still paying for this even though it seems easy to do. Also, a resume is an important document that’s why charging a good amount of money for it is a no brainer.

Resumes have already changed and plain, ugly looking resumes don’t work anymore. There’s a new kind of resume and I reveal that inside my book.

Anyway, if the client is asking for a “normal” resume then go write your normal looking resume. But it can never hurt to suggest writing the new way.

Which is via online and video resumes.

How to Get Customers?

I advertised on Craigslist in my city.

If I was already making a website for a customer, I would ask them if they wanted a header or logo designed.

In my experience, half of them will take it if they don’t have a header or logo.

Also, it would be better if you already have samples of your past work.

But if you don’t have any then don’t sweat it. You can simply buy it on fiverr for $5 and VOILA! You now have an awesome work sample.

Another plus for clients is having your own simple wordpress site. Again, you can simply outsource this on fiverr for $5.

Posting A Craigslist Ad

Post an ad on craigslist for your city – Also, don’t charge too cheap thinking that the clients will choose you because of it. Choose quality instead of price.

You ad should be very professional. Invest $15 on fiverr to get 1 or two of these. You can get your investment back anyway once you got your first client.

In addition, find the same ads that are running in craigslist and get a feel of what the market is charging. If you know that you have a great design and you found a great outsourcer from fiverr then charge more!

QUALITY will always be a top priority for clients.


Make that you are posting a new ad on craigslist every single day.

Some people get nervous about getting ripped off. To put your

customer at ease, I have always told them that I will offer free

revisions and no payment is due until they are 100% happy.

If they think that my work (my fiverr outsourcer’s work) is crappy then they don’t pay you a single cent. Don’t be afraid, there are thousands of quality workers on fiverr.

Client’s rarely ask for a refund because I always give them a great service.

Do the same and you won’t have any problems.

Expanding on other sites to make more money:

Go ahead and sign up on these websites, they are free.

Make sure that you already have atleast 3 work samples since people inside these websites are more skeptical compared to people on craigslist.

Choosing A Fiverr Outsourcer

This is pretty easy to do, you’ll get very good results as long as you follow this checklist.

* he should have 4 stars and above

* available work portfolio to checklist

* positive reviews

* offers free revisions

Yep, that’s it.

It’s that simple

Unrefusable Offer

If the outsourcer you found offers a free revision then you can use this technique to get unlimited clients!

The way to convince your potential client is to offer free revisions and tell them they don’t pay you anything if they are not happy with your work.

In the worst case, you are out $5.

Again, no one really uses their refund guarantee since I make sure that the work I will give them is great and with quality.


In order for us to make more money then we have to offer more services.

You just have to follow the same steps I laid out above but with different skill set.

How to get 2-3x more cash on your clients

Create An Upsell – How to get a minimum of $50 per client.

Offer them another service with discount. One of the best service to offer is web design since it’ll have higher profit margin.

For a simple web design, you can charge $200+ and $1000+ for a responsive

– mobile friendly web design.

Fiverr workers usually charge $50 – $250 for this giving you a 75% profit margin.

8 more services to offer:

Logo Design-$50

Header- $50

Basic SEO-$100

email opt in form- $75

article writing – $20

Social media management – $300/month

WordPress site creation – $200

Linkbuilding services – $100


If you want to sell via Fiverr itself, then you just have to follow these simple instructions.

How to Create An Awesome Listing

These are the best practices for creating your gig listing. It will be the sales letter for your own gigs. Once you learn the fundamental of creating an awesome gig listing, you’ll be able to apply it in any market you want (which is pretty sweet).

The Gig’s Title

Aside from the gig image, this is what the customers see first before even looking at the content of your gig. I recommend a gig title less than 50 words.

Make it short and straight to the point.

Also, keyword research is important here. So for example, let’s say you are targeting people who want more twitter followers. I want you to go to Fiverr search button first.

When you type “twitter followers” on the search box, you’ll see a drop down menu that will give you suggestions for search terms.

So if you’re offering twitter followers, use these search keywords to get more views on your gig.

Example title:

I will add 10,000 real twitter followers in 3 days or less

I will add real twitter followers fast Make it simple and make it appear that you have what they need.


Make sure that your gigs are in the right category.

Use the search box again to find suggested categories.

Some categories does make more money than the others. I found that the most profitable categories (at least for me) are Online marketing, writing and translation and graphics, design & advertising.


In your cover photo, put some sample of your work, images, collage and anything related to what you are selling. The more AWESOME samples you can show them, the better.

If you need some ideas, go ahead and explore Fiverr, you can get a lot of good ideas for your cover photo just by roaming around and looking at top rated sellers on Fiverr.

In addition, just like your profile picture, don’t leave your cover photo blank.


You need to upload high quality photos related to your service. If it’s about twitter, then put an hd photo of the twitter logo with the promise result.

You don’t need to get fancy, just make a decent one. If you can’t, hire someone to do it for you for $5 on Fiverr itself.

Here are some example of what I’m talking about:


If you are serious about making a lot of money on Fiverr, then you gotta do video. Period.

By doing a video, you are already separating yourself from the weak ones. So how do we create a video?

First of all, you don’t have to have a fancy camera, a good lighting angle and a smartphone will do. Most phones today has pretty decent camera anyway.

Follow these simple suggestions:

A – Make it short and make it straight to the point. A 30 second video will do.

B – add some fun background music if possible

C – Introduce your name first and then whatever it is you are offering.

D – Use different videos for different gigs

E – Use a mic if possible ( a condenser mic can cost you as little as $30)

F – Always tell them that your service is exclusive to Fiverr

G – Only offer service with 5 bucks as your price point.

H – Always do in person, see my face videos

I – Use young beautiful women as your salesperson if you can

Here are some of the scripts and gigs you can copy. Obviously, change the offer depending on whatever you are selling.

Also, try to be as creative as you can.


“Hi, I’m Annie, I’m here to give your tweet 1,000 re-tweets for only five bucks exclusively here on Fiverr! Take a look at my portfolio for some samples of my work on my gig page below. I’m fast and guarantee a high quality service.

Some awesome gigs with video sales letters: your-web-page-as-the-background?funnel=600fc5f2-676e-4338-bc7b-dc98b5e6dbca


In the description part, simple told them what they are going to get. No need to get fancy and over promise. Simple tell them what they’ll get and voila!

you’re done.

The simple formula for your description could be:

1 – Tell them what you offer

2 – Give them the exactly what they’ll get for the price

3 – Give the exact step by step instructions on how your service works and when will they get the end product

4 – Also, tell them the duration of the order, deadlines etc.

4- Ask for an order or any call to action

The best way to explain this is through examples, here are some gigs that you can model for your own.


You are only allowed 5 tags for your gig. Make them count, use the keywords you want to target for your gig.

If you are targeting facebook likes, then go again on the search box and look for more keywords to add in your tag.

What To Sell

As I told you in the introduction, I will just right out give you the best selling gigs in Fiverr. I have to fight tooth and nail with myself if I’m going to reveal this, but I love my readers and I really want you to succeed, so here it is.

Best Fiverr Category Gigs to Sell to:

(If you are just getting started, these are the best categories to target)


The seo services alone if a big enough market for you to make as much as $1,000 part time.

Some of the best gigs in this category are:

– Backlinks

– Directory submission

– SEO article writing

– backlink indexing

– social bookmarking

– PBN building

– article spinning

– profile commenting

– senuke link building

– magic submitter link building

There’s a lot of competition in this market, but it’s actually a good thing! It just means that there are people buying those services.

If you’ll do the gig listing the way I told you to, then you’ll have a great advantage over other sellers.

If you don’t want to do the actual work, you can even outsource your gigs


B- Video Animations/Audio Voiceover

– Video editing

– 3D editing

– Voiceovers

C – Programming & Tech

– WordPress

– Basic html

– (anything basic and easy to do)

D – Writing and Translation

– Translation

– Transcription

– Proofreading & Editing

– article writing

– blog post writing

– SEO article translation

E – Other Services That Sells Like Crazy

– Product Review

– Video testimonials

– Amazon listing review (books or physical product)

If you don’t have any skills at all, you can do this service instead.

Outsourcing Your Work:

If you don’t want to do the service itself (or you don’t know how to provide it), you can check out some of the websites below where you can find some gigs even cheaper than Fiverr. If the services have the same price as yours, you can cut out a deal with the sellers and told them that you’ll provide them with customers and then you’ll split the profits.







Here’s a bonus for you.

Another way to make money through this method. It’s one of my favorites.

Writing Reviews

Ask your current clients if they need more services from you. Usually, you will be the one whom he will call first. This is especially true if you did a great job on your last gig with him.

Product reviews should be honest and authentic. My formula for writing reviews are pretty simple.

Tell 95% positive thing about the product and 5% negative. Just make sure that the negative part are not DEAL KILLERS.

So for every 9 good things I say about the product, I only say 1 bad thing about it. Don’t write a negative review that is obviously a flaw of the product.I would also write reviews for product that I really believe in. If I know that it doesn’t work as advertise then I would rather not do it.

Here a few things things that I promoted with reviews that did

very well:

How to stop pimples from popping out How to get rid of your acne Health Care Product that seems to do well.

Would you buy the product? Then go review it.

Video reviews are very popular. It is best if you own the product.

You can also pay someone on Fiverr $5 to make a review video. Fast and Easy.

Just In Case

Just in case you want to do the work yourself then I recommend using for ebook covers, header designs etc.

It’s easy to use and it’s free.

That’s everything we got.

I know it’s short but people who will take action on these ideas will make money. Those who doubt and non-action takers will just waste their money buying this book.

Don’t be the latter. Take action, make money and write us a review 🙂 to your success

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