This is one of the hardest parts of selling on Etsy. Finding the product that would sell. By now, you probably have a good idea of what you want to sell. It doesn’t matter if it’s jewelries, bags, artworks etc. What I’ll do is give you some ways to procure your product. It’s your choice if you want to create the product yourself, outsource it in other countries, or get it in your neighborhood.

Create The Product Yourself

If you are an absolute beginner, then this would be quite hard.

Especially if you know nothing about that product. For beginners, I recommend that you stick with other procurement methods.

However, if you are passionate about that certain item, then this could be the best choice for you. Depending on what type of product you want, you can buy your supplies on your local walmart.

Walmart has the cheapest items and you can make a healthy profit by buying supplies from Walmart. By supplies, I mean the materials that you need to create your product.

If you want to, or if they have it, you can also buy the product itself in Walmart and then resell it on Etsy.

Hire Someone to Create It For You

Let’s say you chose the market of selling artworks. The only problem is you don’t know how to create artworks. What you can do is to hire someone from elance, fiverr or upwork (former odesk) to do the work for you.

Go on and register for a free account on one of these websites.

What you can do is give examples of the finished products that you want and let them do it for you. You can give them creative freedom but make sure that you know your end result..

There are people on fiverr who will charge just $5-$20 for these

artworks. Then you can sell it on Etsy for $50 and above.

As I said earlier, it’s all about the angle.

If you can add stories and history in your artworks, then you can sell it at a much higher price. You don’t have to lie, you can tell them these artworks are your ideas. You don’t have to tell them that it’s not you who created them. If you want, you can credit the freelancer you hire to create your finished products.

Another example are CANDLES.

So you decided to go into the candle market but you don’t want to create it yourself. You can do a simple google search and you can find hundreds of candle makers. You can rebrand these candles and sell it with your own unique identity.

Whatever your product is, you can always find PRIVATE LABEL items where they would already create the product for you and you’ll just rebrand them.

To find Private Labels, I suggest that you start with WorldWidebrands.

WWB has a list of proven awesome suppliers for you to choose from.

Also, these suppliers can directly ship the product to your customers so you don’t have to worry about shipping. Though you may want to get the product first delivered in your doorstep before going through the “let us ship for you” route.

It does have a one time fee of $299 but it’s well worth it specially if you’re IN on this business for the long term.

Another way to find private labels is by doing a simple google search of your product + private label.

Ex. Candles + Private label


The third way of finding products to sell is via RESELLING items from Thrift Stores and Ebay.

Thrift Stores

If you want to get the products near your neighborhood, you can try to find items in thrift stores. It’s cheap and there’s a variety of items to choose from.


You can definitely still find awesome items from Ebay. Be careful

though make sure that you’ll make a profit on an item before buying it.

Here’s an example

You can sell a leather bag like this on Etsy for $100+ assuming you have beautiful pictures and an enticing product listing.

This is where your market knowledge will be used. If you know the value of a certain type of product in Etsy, then you’ll make better decisions when choosing on what product you want to resell.

Your Own Touch

Another awesome idea is to put your personal touch in your product.

You can get plain looking bags and add designs into it. The possibilities are endless. You just have to be creative, in the beginning of this book, I told you that the Etsy business is all about Creativity. I know that you got it in you, so use it.

So you found your market and got your product delivered. It’s time to sell it on Etsy. it’s time to create a Product Listing.

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