Choosing your product is actually the most important step of them all.

Choose a crappy product launch and all your future effort is basically wasted even before you start.

To make all of these easier for you, I created a simple checklist/criteria that you can follow whenever you’re choosing a product launch.

You don’t have to have all of them but it does help in ensuring that you’re only promoting a damn good launch.


I aim for 8 out of 10 most of the time.

I aim for 8 out of 10 most of the time.

1 – If you have some friends in the industry, ask around and know if the product creator is legit or not.

2 – It shouldn’t be the product creator’s first launch

3 – Commission is $40 per sale (for beginners)

4 – Commission should be $100/sale (for for experience affiliates)

5 – There should be a legit sales video. Videos tends to convert higher in general.

6 – Should have product upsells, downsells etc. (so you can make more money)

7 – Commission is at the very least 35%

8 – The product does not suck. It must be genuinely helping people. (If you can ask for a product access or sample then go get it)

9 – Other big names should also be promoting the product

10 – Your feel good about the launch (Obviously, this one’s on you. Follow your guts)


There’s a lot of ways to find product launch from different niches. Here’s 3 of my favorites.


Muncheye is mostly products in the Internet marketing niche.

What I like about muncheye is there’s already a lot of big name gurus that are promoting they’re product here.

Also, there a bunch of different categories that you can specialize in if you choose to.

Right now, ecommerce seems to be the hottest topic and I believe that it will continue to be that way in the next 2-3 years.

So go choose your own product launch and sign up as an affiliate today.

Easily the most famous platform right now.

What I like about JVZOO is their system is flawless and I have never

experienced any problem in dealing with them.

If you choose JVZOO, may I suggest some of these niches to target for your first affiliate launch jacking website…

Target product around these niches:

1 – Videos

2 – Traffic

3 – Sales funnels

4 – Amazon Selling

5 – Storage & Back Up

6 – Tshirt Selling/Mugs etc.

7 – Facebook Ads Choose the top-selling products or product creators and look for their next launch.

Google It

Thanks Captain Obvious.

I know this seems like an obvious advice but people are actually super lazy nowadays that they’re not willing to Google something to find it!

Let’s say you want to focus on weight loss products.

You can easily google these search terms and sign up for their mailing list.

By doing this, you’ll have a big advantage over people who aren’t on the list!

You’ll be on the front lines and you’ll get to prepare compared to your competition.

I want you to sign up to as many list as possible.

If you can, create a new email that is only for your launch jacking business.

If you can use Google, then you can make money. As simple as that.


Before you start creating your website, I want you to have at least 5 main keywords that you’re going to target for your website.

The good news is I already do most of the work for you.

Here are the terms people are usually typing on Google when they’re

searching for more information about a specific product launch.

Product name + reviews

Product name + review

Product name + bonus

Product name + scam

Product creator’s name + product name

Product creator’s name + product name review

Product creator’s name + scam

Product creator’s name

Product name If your product’s name is Forex Machine 101 by Andrew Wiggins, then your keywords could be the following:

Forex Machine 101 review

Forex Machine 101 reviews

Forex Machine 101 scam?

Forex Machine 101 Andrew Wiggins

Forex Machine 101 by Andrew Wiggins

Forex Machine 101

Forex Machine 101 bonus

Andrew Wiggins Save these keywords because you’re gonna need to mention these keywords in your articles and product review page .

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