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What a remarkable experience it has been thus far, I believe you have been gleaning a lot from this book as we unravel the processes you should take in to succeed as a freelancer. We just rounded off the section on discipline, and the content of this chapter has a striking connection with being disciplined, stick around to discover what it is about.


We will be talking about the role of resilience and how crucial it is in the freelancing business but first, what is the meaning of resilience? How can a freelancer become resilient? Are there benefits of elasticity in freelancing?

It’s time for answers now.

Resilience is an attribute successful people embody; it means the mental an ability a person represents that makes it possible for him to recover quickly from difficulties or challenges. Resilient individuals are those who are tough in the face of terrible circumstances, and as a freelancer, you will need this trait.

Freelancers are privileged to own their time and work from the comfort of home, yet there are often faced with stifling trials that may resort to them feeling depressed or sad. Every freelancer will experience setbacks with works; sometimes, there can be a shortage or constant rejection of jobs.

Challenges such as these understandably can make a freelancer give up, but if you have built resilience over time, you will be able to press on.

Resilience isn’t about hanging in there when problems arise until the crises are over. Being resilient means, you are unwavering in the pursuit of excellence regardless of what you are up against. It means not giving up and trusting the process; resilience is the reason a freelancer will wake up in the morning enthusiastic about work even when there are no opportunities.

All we have discussed in this book thus far leads up to this point. You cannot be thinking about value or visibility when you always beat up about depressed about your situation. So, you see that resilience plays an essential role in shaping your experience and helping you seize the moment. However, what are the benefits of being resilient as a freelancer?

Benefits Of Being Resilient

1. Constant Motivation

Resilient people always have a constant source of motivation, they never give up, and this is what will sustain freelancers under challenging times. When you succeed in building resilience, you will be motivated from the inside to survive and win every day.

Some freelancers give up quickly because they are not motivated; when faced with a series of challenges, it becomes easier for them to throw in the towel.

However, if you are resilient enough, you will be your source of motivation.

Resilience also makes it possible for you to inspire and motivate other freelancers such as yourself. Think about it this way; if all freelancers were driven, the works spaces on and offline would be filled with people who are mentally prepared for anything.

2. A positive mindset

Motivation works best when there is a positive mindset, and resilience helps you get both. In the course of teaching about freelancing, I have observed that there are two approaches to freelance work crises: the positive and negative approach. The negative approach is a defeatist feeling that makes it seem like it is all over for the freelancer, so clearly there is no room for resilience. The positive response on the other hand, causes the freelancer to seek opportunities in the crises.

Resilience helps you build a positive mindset; you become oblivious to uncertainty and trust that in the end, it will all work out right for you. Being resilient isn’t enough; you need to continually build and nurture it till it becomes a permanent part of you.

3. Acceptance of change

If as a freelancer you have attained such great heights, it will be difficult for you to adapt to unplanned changes that may set you back a little. However, if you have built up resilience, you will be much more accepting of change.

With freelancing nothing is static, things can change at any time, and your ability to accept the changes while strategizing on how to make it work in your favor is what resilience is about.

With resilience, you tend to feel like you can handle anything that comes your way because you are positively motivated.

4. Builds Proactivity

In the wake of a significant challenge, it becomes straightforward for a person to become docile, but if the freelancer is resilient, he/she will become proactive as these changes occur.

Being proactive means, you start to seek out other opportunities that will open doors for you even when it seems like you are not getting the best out of work at that moment.

Be proactive enough to switch skills, update your profile, do some volunteering jobs, etc. all of these will help you sustain a positive mindset as you hope for the best.

5. Stretches The Limits Of Your Skill

Resilience also extends the boundaries of your ability, especially in trying times. If you were a freelance web designer and suddenly, you observed that there were issues with that skill instead of waiting and complaining try another skill that you can develop or improve the one you had a problem with.

When a freelancer is resilient, he/she doesn’t miss out on anything good. The resilient spirit in you will cause you to stretch your skills, expand your mind, and develop yourself beyond what you already know.

There is so much you can accomplish if you make up your mind to do more.

It all begins with resilience and building the right mindset towards working on your own.

Resilience will enable you to remain consistent with your pursuit for an excellent professional life under any circumstances.

There are four basic strategies freelancers can apply to develop it. These strategies have been proven to work overtime for people who use them; they are the tools required to build resilience for long-term success. Let’s get right to the approaches, shall we?

Top 4-Core Strategies Freelancers Use To Develop Resilience.

1. Have A Transparent State Of Mind

For you to build resilience you must first have an apparent state of mind; your mindset must be devoid of thoughts and content that make you feel confused about the path you have taken.

A clear state of mind can be gained by being specific about your goals and the things you want to achieve. Uncertainty is an enemy of resilience; it makes a freelancer doubts his or herself.

You can beat uncertainty and every other contrary idea that rears its ugly head with resilience. Having a transparent state of mind is a strategy that ensures you are positioned to think rightly for every circumstance.

Start clearing your mind now by removing every trace of fear, unbelief, and worry about the future. Armed with a great spirit and the determination to succeed, you will be able to build resilience.

2. Develop Self-Confidence

If you want to build resilience, you must be willing to develop self-esteem as well. Confidence in self is a sign that a person is ready to be resilient. The determination to bounce back after every defeat.

So first you need to work on how confident you feel, once you reach a very comfortable level of confidence, resilience will become easy to assimilate. An exercise I suggest people as a way to increase their self-confidence is to take a couple of minutes every single morning to reflect and remember their biggest achievements in life, personal and professional. This is a great way to boost your confidence and to start every single day in the best mood possible.

There should be no room for lack of confidence with you as a freelancer; always, be willing to show your bravery and commitment to your skill; all of these will make the process of building resilience easier for you.

3. Never stop learning

I can’t stress the importance of this enough in this chapter. Being able to learn continually is so essential that we will revisit the concept in the concluding section.

However, before we get there, you should know that one way to build resilience is by learning all the time. Open your mind to receive knowledge

and information about your freelance skill, read books, and take on new courses that encourage you to learn.

As you learn, you will observe that your knowledge base increases, thus creating room for you to come up with better solutions in the face of trouble.

No matter what you do or where you go, always remember that you are a freelancer as many such things can happen to you.

But despite the possibility of crises, you should remain focused on your goals and crush them while exhibiting resilience.

4. Embrace Creativity

A resilient mind is a creative one. If you are so interested in building resilience, then you need to be very creative individuals who can adapt to any situation and creatively spring forth ideas on how to go further.

Start today by being creative with everything you do. Add some excitement to your work, and you will be amazed at the level of resilience that starts to spring forth.

Creativity will drive you to come up with fresh ideas for any job or skill you want to utilize. With a clear mindset, self-confidence, continuous learning, and creativity, you will become a resilient freelancer that inspires others to succeed.

The strategies and steps you have received this chapter will re-position you as a freelancer who is passionate about growth regardless of problems that occur. Remember that a resilient person is never discouraged nor is held back by unfulfilled expectations. There is so much for you to achieve; reach out to your dreams and conquer them.

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