The reason we have to build long-term relationships is that we want to stay connected to individuals who will be of benefit to us in the future. These clients can help us break grounds and get even better, but first, we must be able to provide value for them through the products and services we render as freelancers.

Value is essential!

Freelancers who want to take their career to the next level must be concerned about vale first before any other factor. With value, you can start with just one client and then go on to have a lot of them because value is like a goldfish in the aquarium that can’t hide. So, what is value? How can a freelancer apply it to his/her work? What are the benefits of being a person who adds value to his work?

Let’s start with the meaning of value. Value refers to the quality of that renders something desirable; it is also the worth of something and the advantage of getting something delicious. With freelancing, the value is all about the extent of excellence a freelancer infuses into his work or design.

When a job is tagged valuable, it means the freelancer ensured that every aspect of the job was done with the best materials or whatever was required for the position. It takes a while to build and sustain value because valuable ideas are not rushed.

However, the message to be passed across from this chapter is this; by providing value, freelancers will be able to consolidate their businesses, grow beyond their wildest dreams and even experience a higher degree of client retention. Value with jobs means you apply the best tactics every time that makes the client extremely satisfied with your work.

Another word that is closely related to value is satisfaction. Any valuable work will be satisfactory to the client and hear me say this now, CLIENTS SEEK VALUE ALL THE TIME. No one is concerned about how many years you have been a freelancer; all they want to know is your ability to deliver on value with any project. What clients want is value for money; they want to see that they are paying for something that will stand the test of time.

So, as you are on this journey, your focus shouldn’t be on the number of works you do per day (this is also important, but value should come first).

Your attention should be about the number of jobs you completed that were tagged “Valued.” So, this means you must look out for the feedback you get from clients and take note of the areas you should work on.

How Does A Freelancer Provide Value?

So, as you are on this journey, your focus shouldn’t be on the number of

works you do per day (this is also important, but value should come first).

Your attention should be about the number of jobs you completed that were tagged “Valued.” So, this means you must look out for the feedback you get from clients and take note of the areas you should work on.

1. By Delivering Plagiarism -Free Works

No client will be happy about plagiarized work, so if you are focused on providing value, you must first avoid plagiarized works. Avoid lifting things off the internet and be original with everything you create.

The best way to be a valuable brand is to be an original one. Don’t give in to the pressure of wanting to beat the deadlines by cutting corners. Be firm and unmovable in your quest to deliver only the best content that isn’t plagiarised in any way, plus you will save yourself from some awful headaches coming from the subsequent legal trouble it might get you into.

2. Using The Best Designs

Regardless of your freelance sector (writing, graphics design, web design, blogging, art, etc.) only insist on the best plans. The client should be impressed with your choice of models or words, and this impression will lead to a significant relationship between you and your client.

Some clients pay close attention to all the details of the work; for you to avoid telling stories that portray incompetence do use only the best designs for any job you are given.

3. Getting Top-Notch Materials

If your freelance gigs require you using materials, you will need to get the best as well. When your inputs are excellent, the rest of the work will be great as well; it is a pattern that never fails.

If you need more time to get the best materials, be sure to inform the client; remember that with value as the focus everything must align, and the same level of perfection used to put the work together must be applied to the supplies.

4. Sticking To The Client’s Preference

Sometimes it is better to hold to client’s favorites, so when you receive a brief do the work as close to the specifications as possible. Now there are times when you need to make changes at your discretion, make sure the client is aware before you proceed with it.

The process of communicating with the client to effect changes also counts as adding value, and it will make a considerable difference positively with the relationship you have with the client.

5. Being Versatile

Business is not static, it is spontaneous, versatile, dynamic, and you should have all of these qualities as well. Be open to change the norms and do new things while getting the best out of all situations.

While being versatile is good because you work for someone, you might want to keep the client updated on all that you do with the work(s). Keep an open mind and trust the value-added process.

6. Doing The Best And Then Some More

In addition to all, you have learned the best way to ensure value is always to give your best then add some more effort. Like legendary Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna once said: “You think you have a limit and as you touch this limit, something happens, and you realize that you can go a bit further.”

Let the client see how hard you’ve worked on the project and show a willingness to listen and consider his/her approach. By doing more than is required of you, there will be room for improvement, and you will always be one step ahead of others, thus staying true to the commitment to value you have accepted.

When you stick to value-based freelance works, you will get to enjoy the benefits of focusing on value. So, we know what value means and how it affects a freelancer; we also know the steps you can take towards ensuring value while you work. Now we want to discover the benefits of operating a value-based business.

The Benefits Of Focusing On Value As A Freelancer

1. It Helps With Perfecti0n

As you stay committed to a value, you will observe that you will progressively become a master of your craft. While we know that it might be difficult to attain perfection at once, you will gradually build that innate ability to do things once and get them right the first time because you are all about value right now.

2. Makes You Memorable

You will become a memorable freelancer to your clients because of the extra layers of effort you put into your work. When you are famous, it means you have stricken a chord with the client, and as such, you will get access to multiple jobs consistently.

The goal for you should always be to retain clients. If you did well with a job, let that job bring that same client and more to you. So with value, you get to create a chain of possibility that makes you easily accessible to clients, thus aiding more jobs.

3. You Get A Stamp Of Approval

As you become memorable to clients, you also get their approval, and that is one of the most exciting aspects of freelancing you should look forward to enjoying. A stamp of support can be in the form of good ratings and feedback. However, you can only get the seal of approval when you add value to what you do.

4. Referrals!

Freelancers love referrals. Most clients gotten via referrals are the easiest to work with because the person who referred you to them has already seen your work and appreciated it. All you have to do is replicate the process of value with every action and then sit back as you enjoy referrals that come your way from the clients you work with.

Now when jobs come to you as a result of referrals, make sure you do a thorough job; you must maintain the standard of excellence you started with in the first place.

5. Create A Great Pattern

Value also helps you create a great design; first you do excellent jobs then you keep up with the same routine and then before you know it you have succeeded in creating a profile you can apply with every assignment you receive

The most important thing to consider is first to adopt the value-added approach, after which it becomes a significant part of you and your business culture as well.

As we draw the curtains on this chapter, be reminded that value will always trump profit. You will only become as good as your commitment to adding value to your works. Go back to the steps you can take and repeat the process all over again until it becomes a part of your business consciousness.

Business visibility is another benefit for freelancers who are keen on providing value-added services. You will learn more about clarity and how to apply it to your business as a freelancer; enjoy!

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